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Vlade Kay Haze


Just nineteen years of age and Vlade Kay has already made waves in his homeland of Russia. Today marks the worldwide release of his latest single, the quickly uplifting, colourful and dance-worthy Haze.

Fusing uniquely characterful vocals, somewhat quiet within the mix, with an RnB-style meandering melody, and a mildly retro, bass-heavy and funk-soaked EDM soundscape, the track progresses throughout its various stages in a likable and catchy manner.

That bass-line gets right to you, sinking through the body with an unavoidable force, adding instrumental flair to an already striking pop song that’s easily memorable.

The song’s verses showcase a structure from an artist who’s in the know about how to hit with impact. The hook is undoubtedly the main takeaway – that and the riding bass-line as it confidently rises and falls, with its off-beat rhythm and that impossible to dislike aura. At the same time, there is indeed a slightly nostalgic core to this type of production and RnB vocal line, and this adds a level of comfort to the piece that fuses well with its contemporary freshness. Nicely done.

Download the single via iTunes. Find & follow Vlade Kay on Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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