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Violet Tempo A Living Work of Fiction


Violet Tempo’s four-to-the-floor arrangement and high energy kick in amidst a quickly infectious melody, deeply personal yet poetic lyrics, and a vocal lead that offers a notably emotional, refreshing sense of character – and this is all just the opening track.

Introducing the project that is A Living Work Of Fiction, Leap Of Faith is a stunning pop-rock anthem, which feels effectively fresh in concept and tone, yet tips its hat accordingly to the big band hits of a simpler decade – Goo Goo Dolls come to mind, among others.

There’s a slightly punk-pop aura to the voice, and indeed the tempo, but otherwise Violet Tempo introduce themselves as fairly unconfined within the current scene. This proves particularly true as the EP continues.

If the opener didn’t win you over, Daredevil surely will. Injecting a mellow ska groove and breathy, soulful vocals, the song changes the mood entirely, utilising superb melodic work once again, but building around you a seductive and stylish new hit. The song put me in mind of some of Sublime’s more stripped-back, chilled-out offerings from back in the day. In any case, Violet Tempo showcase themselves to be intriguing lyricists, brilliant songwriters on the whole, and musically versatile enough to carry the weight of an eclectic, endlessly engaging live show.

With Be Still, suddenly we’re in indie rock ballad territory – riffs that rain down all around, spoken-word fragments and a higher, contrasting hook that draws you back in for a sing-along. In writing though, this doesn’t really portray well what the song is. There’s a reflective melancholy to the whole thing, and the structure is fascinating – what you think you know initially, proves increasingly too simplified as the song goes on. A single listen is far from enough, and despite those initial implied qualities, this is perhaps the most alternative song on the project. It’s meaningful, a little nineties emo-like, a little festival-ready, and a lot of that ideal aura for the late-night deep thinkers who crave songs to lose themselves within. A personal favourite.

An aptly-titled Finish Line brings things to a bass-led, confident and colourful finish. On the previous track, a hint of the Built To Spill era came through, and this one reinforces that potential influence all the more so. This is a quirky, light and hopeful song in feel, perhaps a little deeper-running lyrically. Really well performed, a catchy and classic nineties presentation, and a final touch of versatility that lights up another side to the band’s approach and abilities.

A Living Work of Fiction is a superb project, in short – surprinsgly unpredictable, yet with plenty of threads to hold the band’s own sound and writing style together. And what a band – I look forward to hearing more and hopefully catching a live show some day.

EP Out August 4th. Find & follow Violet Tempo on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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