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Vinyl Disciples Lullaby


Three of the world’s most experienced and fastest rising DJs – Mishaal Alireza, Mete Aslan, Edwin Matos – join forces to lead the way with renowned mixes and unforgettable live sets as Vinyl Disciples.

Already boasting a plethora of releases over on Spotify, the single Lullaby is their latest offering and is rightfully making waves across the scene.

Stylishly blending intricate, spacious sound design, with blissful melodies, hypnotic rhythms, poetic lyricism and imagery, and a soulful, softly raspy leading vocal, Lullaby proves a quickly uplifting, warming summer anthem that works its way into your headspace with ease.

The aptly titled single soothes the soul from the offset, rising towards energising brightness during its latter half – welcoming in an unexpected rap verse that effectively sees things grow more and more dance-kissed and inspiring to listen to.

The whole thing begs for you to witness it at a live venue or festival. The near six-minute single is something of a contemporary masterpiece, uniting melodic prowess with conceptual depth and lashings of musical optimism and colour. A dreamlike hit of unique creativity and professionalism alike, the track speaks volumes on behalf of what music fans can look forward to from Vinyl Disciplines over the coming months and years.

Other recent hits from the act include the hopeful and upbeat Island Of You, and the brilliantly organic bounce of a beauty that is the multi-layered, entrancing and emotive That’s Life – a personal favourite.

Look out for the trio’s first pop release Craving California next month. Find & follow Vinyl Disciples on Spotify, Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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