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Vincent Krennerich Verlassene Stadt


Another name that’s quick to connect and appeal, Vincent Krennerich is an expressive artist and musician in a league of his own. This latest two-track release marks a noteworthy reintroduction to precisely this quality.

Verlassene Stadt, beginning with the simple, solo piano journey that is Morgengrauen, introduces yet another impressively unique melodic progression.

The playing is gorgeously delicate, authentic in that you can hear the very playing of the keys, and raw enough to create a sense of live performance and intimacy. Amidst this though, it’s Vincent’s way with melody and movement that allows his compositions to connect in such a profound and powerful way.

This completed EP is over and done with in under four minutes, yet it leaves such a mark and such a gaping void when it ends, that a replay is almost essential.

The title-track follows on seamlessly from the opener, later going on to explore its own sense of optimism and a more rhythmic pattern of progression. We lean back and forth between the highs and the lows, the waltz-like shuffle of the story – the stroll through the abandoned city, perhaps; through memory.

With a second visit, there’s a new a level of emotion to the opener, and this is resolved to a satisfying degree with the brightness and secure movement that comes afterwards.

It’s a unique release, as always, and it prompts you to consider the mindset of the artist at the time of composing – as well as prompting your own imagination to calmly and confidently fill in the gaps.

Check out Vincent Krennerich on IG or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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