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Vincent Krennerich Morgen


Always an artist worth taking a moment aside for when new music emerges. Vincent Krennerich composes from the heart, blending subtle intricacies of production and organic musicianship across purposeful, engaging soundscapes, scenes and stories.

For this latest two-track EP, the artist explores the German concept of Morgen, meaning either ‘tomorrow’ or ‘morning’, depending on how it’s used.

Musically we get a lo-fi study vibe eventually, but to begin with there’s a spacious arrangement guided by flickers of piano, and later a humble rhythm. Overall the aura is joyful, calm and colourful, lifting the mood and leading well into the subsequent composition that devotes itself to a deep shade of blue.

Tiefblau describes an intense variety of blue, and follows a similar musical pathway but with a slightly more cinematic presence in between moments of rhythm.

The drum-line stops and starts, the music rises and falls – instances of fullness and rhythm and energy are contrasted by those that appear stripped back to the bare essentials; a few notes, a breath of chord, a hint of melody and suggestion as we delve deeper into this shade and vibe and arena of contemplation.

Beautifully in tune with the very optimism and promise of tomorrow or the dawn of a new morning, Morgen further cements Krennerich’s role within precise and immersive, contemporary sound design.

Check out Vincent Krennerich on IG or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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