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Victorias Secret High Level Software Without A Doubt


Focused on the creative freedom of expression, alongside a driving desire to bring bigoted mindsets into the realm of equality, Victorias Secret High Level Software is a uniquely recognizable Hip Hop and World Music artist.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, the rapper and producer employs retro flavours and free-flowing vocals to capture attention, as QA kicks up a nostalgic groove and tropical energy to start of the Without A Doubt album.

Minimalism plays a clear role in the sound-design of this music, often presenting an easy chord progression and vintage keys and rhythms, with plenty of space for interpretation as the vocal meanders throughout. It’s a voice that quickly becomes recognizable, an identity unmistakable once you’ve delved into the sound.

Loaded with stories and reflections on modern life, as well as fearlessly outspoken references to and about various aspects of the outside world, Without A Doubt manages to fuse ambient audio escapism with topical discussion and personality in a subtle yet effective way. A Rockstar Coder LLe FT marks a fine example, almost classic trip-hop by design, but raw and unedited on the vocal front.

Soon enough those world music flavours take over, alongside heavier hits of alternative dance for the likes of the album’s leading single O Bathroom Panties. Openly a 6ix9ine diss, O Bathroom Panties proves a bold example of the conversational tone and attempts at starting a discourse that make up this project.

Creativity continues to intrigue, the likes of Handwritig laying out a cinematic vibe of mystique and echoing intentions, with almost backstage festival vibes ensuing, before the intensity of Agile Acele etmenize ihtiyacin var hits with fierce impact, paving the way for the melodic and retro gamer tones of Higher.

Good vibes continue throughout the eighties-esque rhythm and groove of WhnnatestapassBillGates, a contemporary technology deep-dive at its conceptual core. Mutun ingilizcesi nedir acaba follows to raise the intensity and darkness once again. Lines like ‘public school expectations…’ cleverly resound amidst the chaos of each outpouring. Always this sense of being at a live show, the performer free-styling on the mic, maintains rooted within the portrayal.

For We Left Together the vocal reaches peak passion alongside an again nostalgic, electro-funk production. Then the atmospheric calm of Cassiecasserolevictoriatexasberlin contrasts the scornfully topical depths of its own lyrical weight. At which point it makes sense to note that haphazard titles of these tracks aptly underline the somewhat non-methodical nature of the artist’s delivery.

After this, mellow reflections feel like street-preacher suggestions, alongside a fuller soundscape that wraps up the experience with poignancy, rising power and angst, for Ke Ke Rugl & Transcendant Individuals.

Blending equal parts simple fun and committed topical purpose, Without A Doubt introduces the artistic identity and unrelenting style of Victorias Secret High Level Software in a manner that makes it difficult to ignore. The music sets the vibe, the vocals bring the energy, the defiance and depth, gearing listeners up for both the weekend ahead and the confrontational discussions that sometimes need to be had.

Download Without A Doubt via Apple or stream on YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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