VAN KING - Tell Me - Stereo Stickman



A simple and smooth beat meets with a clear sense of melody and rhythm from a songwriting perspective, making Van Kings’ Tell Me a fine introduction to an artist and lyricist with a clear connection to the process.

Tell Me is a gorgeously calming yet notably addictive new song. Van King drives with a love for the genre, for production and writing alike, so with this release you get a little nostalgia mixed in with a generally fresh sound.

Simplicity seems to be key, a few lines stand out and make certain you remember them, and production-wise there are certain layers and moments that loop out and around you in an ultimately likable yet surprisingly recognizable manner. All of which works in the way that pop does, but here you get an alternative RnB track with a dash of hip hop and a generally free-from-concern approach on the whole; which works in its favour, for sure.

Having made the move away from pure production into artistry and solo work on every level, it’s no shock that Van King was able to impress and build something that’s easy to enjoy.

Let the good vibes grab you, the classic mood take you back, and the style of the artist leave a lasting impression.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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