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United Duality Sexy Sadie Passed Away


Alternative and melodic rock ensemble United Duality offer their take on the potential sequel to a classic. Those initial genre labels don’t really do the single full justice, the release is one that begins with a colourful and rather classic rock ambiance – think The Beatles – and evolves later on to layer up a number of world music inspired elements that totally derail the experience in a creatively refreshing way.

Sexy Sadie Passed Away is a title that will most probably draw up some recognizable ideas in the minds of listeners or readers who know their music history. Without leaning back on the original too much, the way this song – as its own entity – has been written and recorded, shines a bright light on the musicality and expressiveness that is United Duality. The second time you listen, the curiosity that initially powered things settles down, so you’re left to appreciate the many building blocks that make up the audio.

Right from the start, the soundscape is complex and detailed, laid out before you in an almost theatrical way. Having said that though, something that stands tall early on, and which makes up a huge part of the song’s appeal, is its infectious and central state of rhythm. The first few seconds add to the intrigue, then you get the crisp and vibrant sound of that guitar, and then the melody, and then every little detail – of which there are so many – all of which adds further to this warmth and this brightness that is the nature of the song.

The single has been really well captured, sounding almost like a live performance, but holding close to those studio quality elements that let the sound feel crisp and satisfying. From a songwriting perspective, the melody has the simplicity and familiarity of a classic, resolving at the end of each phrase with additional voices really lighting it all up. The song develops in a fascinating way and actually becomes more and more enjoyable each time that you listen.

The single is inspired by the documentary David Wants To Fly. Find & follow United Duality on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

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