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United Duality See-Saw (Feat. Elizabeth Everts)


Elizabeth Everts’ collaboration with United Duality sees the songwriter offer a poetic string of lyrics, glowing with imagery and fragments of ideas that provoke and intrigue. There’s a delicacy to her presentation of the lines, her voice has a softness and a high tone that floats above the acoustic guitars to create an enjoyable level of contrast.

The song’s central sentiment and title are the main point of interest, and rightfully so. The short verse lines leave the listener plenty to question and wonder about, and although the hook does not explain anything in depth or detail, it does create a moment of resolve – the melody breaks away and rises higher, and the image of the see-saw is one that most people will likely have some sort of connection with. Nostalgia is a big part of that, the natural imagery and the mention of dreams ties in well – there’s a sense of innocence to the thought, a certain playfulness that suits the pleasant aura of the instrumentation and the melody.

There’s also the possibility of the see-saw being a reference to keeping things balanced, or of needing more than just yourself in order to keep things moving. All of this works in the song’s favour as you listen and consider the ideas. The vagueness of the lyrics is actually quite refreshing – modern pop tends to leave nothing at all to the imagination of the listener, so there’s less freedom to connect the experience to your own journey.

The guitar work on this single is beautiful, the single strum and the simultaneous picking offers an organic layer of musical truth that finishes things off gorgeously.

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