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United Duality Peanuts (Feat. Tony Mac)


United Duality set the scene beautifully for this latest release, beginning the five-minute-plus journey with a live-band capture – a quickly engaging and brilliantly crafted bit of instrumental expression. Things then begin to build, rising up from a simple pop-rock aura to something fully immersed in the freedom and flavor of jazz.

An organic riding bass-line keeps things warm amidst an array of horns and string flickers that lead you through the second section. And of course, as is the United Duality way, nothing about the song can be predicted. Following two rounds of applause and light laughter, the composition finds itself roaming down a swing-soaked, singer-songwriter-style pathway, now leading with superb piano work, a rhythmic acoustic guitar pattern, and a stunning, soulful vocal that brings a certain Gospel-like depth of tone and an undeniable level of passion to the process.

The addition of lyrics during these later moments re-directs the experience quite significantly – you’re given clear intentions, a level of humanity that connects more precisely than the instrumental moments, and then following this you’re quite literally (well, digitally) transported to the church. That gospel vibe comes alive, complete with a vibrant and enthusiastic crowd and choir, and meanwhile – the main vocalist finds himself increasingly swept away on the sheer emotion and loving loyalty of the moment. We move swiftly from simple acoustic beginnings, to an immensely powerful and captivating instance of praise – isolation becomes togetherness, and the sudden volume and boldness of the music is striking.

It’s rarely a surprise for United Duality to take the road less traveled by in their music, but the details in every case are always unpredictable. On this occasion, Peanuts makes for a completely unexpected and incomparable audio journey, complete with sections and scenes, providing an underlying story and intention but also consistently impressing and mesmerizing with superb musical ability. This is unlike anything we’ve heard from UD before, and still it makes sense under their blanket of artistry, and furthermore – it’s a rather stunning hit of creative work that’s absolutely worth experiencing in full; and at volume. Enjoy!

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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