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United Duality A Tiny Tall Tale


United Duality return this week with an original song set to reignite the simple, organic good vibes of music’s past. A Tiny Tall Tale is an easy song to enjoy, this meeting between the story-telling, the rolling melody, and the humble groove of the music, makes for something that feels familiar but fresh in its portrayal of ideas and events.

The classic honky-tonk vibes roam free here, creating around you a musicality that’s a pleasure to let play. The blues even shine through a little, particularly during the instrumental breakdown. If at first the music overtakes the concept, a second listen makes sure those scenes and thoughts are painted a little more clearly before you. The preparation in the early stages is rightfully followed by the logical next steps, though having said that – there’s plenty more to this tale than you might expect. As more and more details pour through, the song and the story grow more intriguing, more unusual, and subsequently more captivating and able to hold tight to your attention. Again, the doubled vocals and the vintage recording style make the music – rather than the lyrics – stand out the first time around, but as you revisit the single; the whole thing offers even more that appeals.

Towards the latter half of the song, the singer or narrator addresses the very concept of story-telling – the song’s central sentiment and title; the likelihood that those who hear it will question its authenticity. After this moment, the lyrics seem to veer off in a slightly different direction, and to coincide with this the music falls away almost entirely. The final moments offer less specific details and more of a vague expression of depth that gets you thinking and leaves plenty on the table to consider. This is a uniquely crafted release that offers plenty in the way of originality among today’s music world. The retro style is oddly refreshing and you can feel the organic nature of the performance and thus appreciate that a live show would go down in a fairly similar fashion.

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