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Unhealthy While Unhinged Trump Card


Boldly encapsulating the definition of hitting the ground running, Cleveland NuCore four-piece Unhealthy While Unhinged release an intensely impressive debut this season, and just two months after first getting the band together.

Trump Card is the new single and video from Unhealthy While Unhinged, a creatively structured track showcasing a variety of influences whilst ultimately introducing a clear identity and performance-style from the band.

Angst and division drive the topic, the rise and fall of the arrangement reinforcing the passion and ferocity intertwined amidst these feelings. The production on this is as unhinged as the topic itself, but it works for injecting more of that inescapable weight and character that is the overall sound. The natural distortion and pace of metal, the vocal clarity and power, all rings through organically, but amidst this we get almost siren-like threads of electronic design to effectively build a fresh sense of urgency and intention.

Weave in the lyrical implications, scornful references to violence, suicide and attack, plus the back and forth between rap and rock for that definitive versatility and constant ability to hold its audience’s attention, and Trump Card proves somehow to be hard-hitting, fascinating, unnerving, and oddly relatable, all at once. An easy one to stream a few times over at volume if you’re a fan of Metalcore or heavier music in general.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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