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umritank Dear Diary EP


Creatively dark production and cleanly-mixed, spoken-word-style vocals create an intriguing and anthem-like vibe as the brand new EP from umritank pours through.

run, forest, run! is the opener, within which superb production blends the familiar tones of yesteryear with an edge of contemporary design.

Weave in a vocal marching pace for intensity, and a series of poetic and personal observations, and the whole thing proves cinematically captivating as it nears a briefly calm, immersive latter half.

The EP title makes sense, this diary-style explosion of ideas is ultimately met with the weight of late-night House vibes, and soon enough we’re involved, interested, and connected.

While the opener has a kind of nostalgic, story-telling, Trainspotting OST mood to it, food_driver follows with an immediately unsettling presence of bass and reverberating rhythms and tones. It’s dreamy yet dark, uncertain yet confident in its intention.

Soon that unmistakable voice returns, and our protagonist is driven by angst, anger, unwillingness to conform or succumb to society’s idea of realness. We also get a completely unexpected, almost Gospel-style chorus of brightness and melancholy for a hook, before things get all the more unpredictable still.

Brilliantly creative, artistic, perhaps a highlight for its originality and the combination of skill, shock factor, and the provocative framing of ideas.

Melodically wasted is superb, an ambient, enveloping stand-out that slowly but surely elevates the listener’s mind and state of being to somewhere calm and free from the confines of the outside world – as per the implications of intoxication in the title. A personal favourite, over five minutes yet not a moment ‘wasted’, with the voice sounding beautifully expressive and honest in this up-front, mellow setting, and with contrast working its magic as suddenness takes the reins later on.

To mix things up one last time, used to do injects a catchy trip hop groove and electro-pop vocal for one final dreamy and deeply human ode to nostalgia. Again, the voice and the instrumental details really pierce through the noise of the world, connecting for their authenticity and precision alike. Wonderful songwriting, on top of everything else – a fantastic way to go out, and another favourite.

Mysterious by nature, impressive by design, emotionally pure yet artistically unique – Dear Diary is fascinating, and consistently enjoyable. Nothing like you’ll expect, but everything you might find you’ve been seeking in original music.

Download or stream Dear Diary here. Check out umritank on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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