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Twizzie Ramos Flowtaku #2: Space Cowboy


Twizzie Ramo’s Anime-inspired soundscapes bring samples from the culture of Anime (specifically, sampling and using as metaphors the soundtrack from Cowboy Bebop) into a series of colourful tracks – the likes of which support his infectiously rhythmic, stream of consciousness outpourings in a unique and brilliantly fitting manner.

Pilot (intro) lays the foundation with a jazz-cafe vibe – the beat is light, the sample is characterful and interesting, and from here on in the thread supports the eclecticism in a well-balanced way.

Jupiter Jazz kicks things off well, the mood is beautiful, the sample is familiar, and Twizzie’s laid-back, genuine vocal delivery feels natural and skillful in the same instance. The piece is multi-layered yet totally calming, keeping you interested and forever leaning back and forth between various snippets of influence – essentially highlighting the fresh flavor of the EP and the artist’s approach in general.

My Funny Valentine (prod by Jayzen) picks the energy up a little, a nostalgic vibe emerges and this vintage jazz-ambiance is well-matched by Twizzie’s relevantly adjusted vocal delivery. Certain melodic moments keep your focus on stand-out ideas and lyrics. The scene set has plenty of individuality and this track actually feels like an early highlight from the whole project – the production and the performances throughout stand tall at every step. The concept takes a far more literal approach to the rather infamous title and this too adds to the level of personality inherent in the music.

Asteroid Blues – (Feat. B*les) changes the mood quite distinctly. The theatrics run wild, crafting around you a multi-layered story-line and a genre-fusing soundscape (including an unexpected RnB twist), which together make for a smile-inducing, world-music-kissed listening experience.

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A personal musical highlight from this collection is Black Dog Serenade (prod. by Jayzen) – drum and bass has all but vanished from modern music and the lightness and detail with which it’s presented here makes for something totally refreshing. As the intensity increases, things get thicker, heavier, more interesting, and while feeling energized it’s also very easy to find your mind wandering off as you escape into the audio.

Waltz For Venus (Feat. Grei Yonge) mellows the vibe out again and makes for a peaceful track that comes through reminiscent of some of the best jazz-cafe releases from the noughties and earlier. Twizzie’s rap vocal works perfectly on this – maintaining your attention, entertaining, and simultaneously inspiring a certain sense of positivity.

By now, the instrumental aspects of the project have long since won your approval, making for an easy go-to. Twizzie’s own sense of artistry and character has also laid out some of the best of his abilities as a writer and performer. The Anime angle is appealing but still a small fraction of what this EP is all about – what it offers the listener, and what it says about the artist behind it.

Introducing one last breath of eclecticism and story-telling, Jamming With Edward ( Marz Pineo) explodes onto the stage with retro colors, weight and rhythm, all set to entrance and embrace the listener with optimism and a carefree sense of expression. The hook has a  touch of Paper Planes about it, a strong dash of nostalgia fit to see the project out in a bold and bright way. As a final performance, Twizzie exercises a definite level of upbeat energy, passion and character as things come to a memorable close.

Flowtaku #2: Space Cowboy is perhaps everything you might hope for, but nothing like you’ll be expecting. Unique and interesting, well worth a run through at least two or three times over.

Download the EP via Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Twizzie on Facebook & Soundcloud.

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