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Troy Petty I Am The Dark


As an early taster from the upcoming album Director’s Cut, Troy Petty’s I Am The Dark is an unforgettable introduction to the artist’s intense rock sound and creative musical craft-work. The piece builds in detail and intensity throughout, following the thick roll of a dramatic drum-line, given depth and humanity by a notably passionate and unique leading voice – one that gives the song a Placebo-like feel, though not without flickers of other heavier and equally intricate alternative rock legends.

I Am The Dark is a rather epic song that leaves a gaping void of silence when it comes to an end. At under three minutes long, the piece hits hard and is over before you know it. During the journey though, the lyrics and Petty’s characterful voice work hard to intrigue and captivate. These poetic and reflective lyrics, seemingly personal but simultaneously directed at the listener or a significant other, walk hand in hand with the melody and the rising weight of the soundscape.

Despite the song’s alternative rock angle, the hook works well to make certain you remember it. In the way that any effective pop song should, this release offers creativity and variation throughout, but that hook section – that simple line, the minimal amount of notes within it, the repetition of it during the final moments – this is ultimately what you take away and remember for the foreseeable future after listening.

I Am The Dark is a brilliant song, thoughtfully put together with only the most relevant and poignant instrumental moments – all of which take their turn to stand tall initially, then later collide and collaborate for the heights of the expression. Troy Petty has a wonderfully interesting voice and style of writing, both of which help make this a fascinating and refreshing new rock piece.

I Am The Dark will be available on October 26th. Find & follow Troy Petty on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud & Instagram or visit his Website.

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