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Travis Brown Letting Go


Whatever the term Letting Go conjures up in your mind, whether there are specific issues or events that crop up for you personally, it’s fairly safe to say that there’s a certain positive energy and sense of overcoming to those two words united. What Travis Brown has effectively done, is composed a piece of music that beautifully exemplifies those very feelings associated with the phrase. The artwork furthers the effect, sure, but even from the opening moments you can hear the purity and optimism of the soundscape – there’s a near-instant level of lightness and freedom to the sound, a release of sorts, and this only grows brighter and more immersive as things progress.

Stylistically there’s a touch of Owl City to the synth choices and riff melodies that make up the journey within Letting Go. Overall though, you get a deeply calming aura from the music, the sort that feels more notably rooted in late-night EDM or trip hop. Having said that, the music is far from the sort of late-night style you might expect. The piano-led chord progression for one adds a surprisingly organic twist.

Instead of falling victim to genre or industry expectations, Brown has let his own inner desire to let go, to free himself of yesterday’s turmoil, guide the way with the release. You can hear a genuine breath of progression and peace as you turn the track up loud, and that feeling passes over perfectly well. A pleasure to listen to, simple yet professionally built and just unique enough to really give it a recognisable tone.

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Rebecca Cullen

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