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Boldly intertwining aspects of industrial sound-play and ethereal dance, amidst a somewhat jazz-kissed degree of meandering freedom in both melody and rhythm, producer traolé takes full advantage of the creative space, with Animalé.

Less than three minutes in full but devotedly vast and unpredictable regardless, Animalé stands tall on the unignorable strength of tripped rhythms and uncertain melodies. Threads of tune cascade and collide, as the underlying variety of beats and heavier sounds contrast their softness and emotion.

Notably unique by definition and design, Animalé introduces a cinematic creative with a clear focus on story and intention above all else. While there’s a largely experimental aspect to the evolution and presence of Animalé, there are also effective threads throughout, which keep it rooted amidst this sense of identity and purpose that is the underlying inspiration.

traolé has attempted to encapsulate “a villainous volley, depicting the forevermore blurring line between human nature & pure machinery”, and the results are fascinating.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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