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Track Junkee Infatuated [Prod. By TheBeatPlug]


Track Junkee fuses the familiar vocal rhythms of modern hip hop with a lightly colourful beat and a melodic hook that smoothly but surely leaves its mark for this single Infatuated. There’s a level of character to this from the offset, the acoustic intro is a simple but effective touch and easy to recognise after hearing the track even just once.

As the song progresses, the central line seems to echo around and stay with you more notably than anything else – this moment of can’t get enough repeats subtly and with a fitting melody to really break up the verses and keep things interesting. Pouring through in between these moments is the artist’s rap flow and lyricism, both of which work hard to impress even during the first verse.

The changing pace and the story-line seek to captivate, offering details and observations in a confident way and one that offers a distinct sense of personality. All of this paves the way well for audiences to feel secure and connected to the artist behind this. The song is an easy hit among the contemporary ocean but in order to bring people back for future releases there has to be something a little more than that. Track Junkee presents himself and his style in a manner that’s likely to appeal on a broader level.

Considering the strength of the hook, the easy to enjoy ambiance and beat, the characteristics shown throughout the rap vocal and indeed the lyrical focus and intention – the track ticks a lot of boxes. Even simply from a distance, it’s a strong sound – a pleasure to vibe to, varied and interesting enough throughout to hold tight to a listener’s attention.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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