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Tougher Than You Thought Loss For Words


With The final Warped Tour making its last pass through Chicago this weekend, it’s nice to see the modern punk scene is still very much alive in Tougher Than You Thought’s new single Loss for Words. A perfect blend of pop and punk notes bring 2005 back into full view while adding a new dash of charisma and talent to the Midwest’s favorite musical pastime.

The lyrics are honest and sweet without trying too hard to be cheeky or clever. Tougher Than You Thought know who they are – a confidence that is evident in the high caliber production they bring to the table. Dynamic arias and spot-on recitatives dance along the rhythmic chugs of bass and cavorting chord-work. With a single as clean and concise as it is tight and powerful, pop-punk has never looked better.

In a time when the old guard denizens of the genre have given way to mostly dance music in a last ditch effort at ticket sales; it’s not only refreshing, but downright life-affirming to see new blood breathe such vibrant hues back into a genre so many grew up on and adored. Tougher Than You Thought are the unsung champions of the cause. It’s only a matter of time before entire venues are sold out as Tougher Than You Thought headlines whatever takes Warped Tour’s place.

As a grown man who still listens to Bowling for Soup, ADTR, and (Old) Fall Out Boy every single day, I give you my word that you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to hear everything this band has to offer – starting with Loss for Words. Bonus points if you watch the incredibly well-produced music video shot by Alex Zarek.

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