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Tough On Fridays Growing Pains


While they’re a band consistent in both work ethic and talent on all counts, it’s always worth approaching any new single from Tough On Fridays with an open mind and the time to really dig in. Whether it’s the sheer energy they bring, the riffs, the stories, the fun – the songs remain authentic, and refuse to disappoint.

Nowhere has this quality stood taller than throughout the acoustic honesty, heartbreak and overcoming, of Growing Pains.

Stripping things back to the bare essentials, to the punk-pop album mid-section of organic and intimate musings, Growing Pains hits with a Cranberries-esque haunting vocal presence, and progresses with emo-rock verses that build beautifully towards the lingering question; ‘am I bitter, or just feeling better?’

From simple beginnings to an ultimately uplifting and near euphoric pop-rock anthem of a hit, Growing Pains gathers momentum whilst maintaining its grip on the listener. As such, the resulting climb and peak is naturally elevating; you feel part of it, like the words are for you, and the chord progression, instrumental fullness and passion of the delivery, all screams out beautifully on your behalf.

The new single follows the three-track EP Overboard!, and conceptually there are clear threads as the band evolve towards the truth of tomorrow with Growing Pains.

Undoubtedly an act carving out a refreshingly worthy route in modern music. I look forward to catching a live show.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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