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Topnotch Crazy Out Here


Topnotch brings the good vibes with his recent release Crazy Out Here. The track puts forth the mellow and jazz-like style of hip-hop that is instantly calming, and the artist’s voice on top of this fits perfectly.

The song is chilled out; the ambiance is peaceful, the beat is light and easy going, plus, the lyrical substance is undeniably deep and valuable – what you get from all of this a real moment of truth, reflection, thoughtfulness and honesty. The music settles you down, and as the artist quite literally states in the final line – all in all, it really is something you can nod your head to. The added benefit, however, is that there is much more to the track than just the music.

It’s a pleasure to hear something with meaning, delivered in a confident and effortless sounding manner, mixed in among a musical soundscape that really allows and encourages you to relax, to listen intently, and to think a little deeply for yourself; about the issues presented, and about your own role in the world.

As hip-hop goes this hits the mark in all the right ways. The energy is kept to that blissful level within which you’re chilled out, but aware – paying attention at all the right times, feeling the good vibes throughout, and taking something of worth away with you when you stop listening. After hearing even just this one track from Topnotch, a further look into his musical catalogue seems essential.

The greatness of Crazy Out Here comes from the well thought out balance between substance and sound. The humble nature of the music draws your attention willingly towards the words, and the artist’s voice has such a soothing presentation to it that there’s just no real reason to turn away once you’re involved.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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