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Toots Broke


Toots is an artist with a definitive style and confidence that carries the weight of her single Broke in an authentic way. The beat of the track has a slightly alternative feel to it, the high end of the soundscape and the lightness of the drum line, the tripped-up style of the rhythm, makes for a backdrop that floats in a fairly haunting manner behind the tone and thickness of the artist’s leading voice. The performance itself is one that grabs your attention slowly, showcasing carefully selected lines, no filler, and crafting around you a specific concept and personality.

Toots has a certain sound and style that makes the track feel believable, it demands that you listen – this confidence and flow pulls you in, and once you’re involved, every lyric works hard to keep you there. In terms of the story line the whole thing gives off a feeling of not letting negativity or a bad lifestyle influence or affect you. The hardcore essence of street-style hip hop is alive and well, though it arrives here with something a little more inspiring, and it’s only if you choose to fully listen that you start to build more of an understanding of the artist and what she’s about.

Musically, Broke is an unexpected hit – a vintage hip hop feel comes through alongside of something motivational and fresh. The electronic ambiance behind the leading performance becomes quite hypnotic after a while, the same foes for the rhythm of the hook section – that line repeated, with only a few words altered, really sinks in fast. The accompanying video adds further to this, the simplicity allows you witness the emotion and sentiment up close and personal. There’s likely to be a lot more to come from Toots.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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