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Toof Stay Patience (Feat. Melpo)


Blissful good vibes kick off this addictively smooth new single from Connecticut’s Toof.

Leading with a beautifully delicate, emotive soundscape, and an immediately rhythmic vocal hook and tone that effectively tip their hats to the strength of classic, nostalgic hip hop, Stay Patience is categorically an anthem for contemporary minds.

Showcasing powerful musicality, subtle yet effective, and decidedly unique – particularly amidst the modern hip hop scene – the single offers a sense of realism and optimism united. The verses lay out personal details and observations, scene-setting imagery and individual story-telling, with both Toof and featured rapper Melpo taking their time to craft bars worth saying.

Then we get the satisfying resolve of the hook, which quickly welcomes in all listeners of all backgrounds – the message is of personal strength and self-belief. Shine until you can’t anymore, grind until you can’t. There’s hope, but as suggested – there’s also a powerful level of honesty and authenticity to the whole thing.

The song feels mellow, not melancholic, but deeply reflective, and the humble yet subtly bold nature of the lyrics ties in with this mood and the underlying concept perfectly well.

An easy track to love, really well done – a timeless hip hop single that hopefully reaches the vast audience it deserves.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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