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Tony ForresTT Intoxicated Behavior


Seamlessly blending soulful, smooth vocals, with an edge of instrumental grit and distortion, Tony ForresTT’s new EP Intoxicated Behavior introduces the artist with a clear sense of identity and style.

X kicks things off and is all of this and more. A deeply personal, intimate song, showcasing the best of this uniquely juxtaposed set-up and performance approach. All at once you get the professionalism and clear talent, with a refreshing writing style, inspired by an array of artists from RnB to trip-hop, soul, even alternative pop.

Still Have Love follows on beautifully, an addictive hook repeats and hypnotises, helping make this perhaps the most memorable track on the project. Always Tony maintains an air of realness, that emotional honesty in both his vocal delivery and his lyrics.

Different furthers the entrancing aura of the collection, adding simple repetitions again that work in unison with the dreamlike, distorted soundscape, even throwing in a touch of nineties RnB to really help the melody connect and stand tall.

Then we get the intricate sound design and distorted guitar work of Down, a song that takes its time to envelop listeners, evolving to become something powerfully atmospheric, epic, and highly likely to make waves with its rhythm and short lines during a live show.

Truth Is finishes things up beautifully, a suddenly mellow, spacious and ambient portrayal of intimate relations and unity. A breathy, quiet and calmly mesmerising piece, which suits Tony’s voice with ease, and progresses into a likeable groove. Possibly a personal favourite from the project, a definite highlight and again an easily memorable, addictive track.

Tony ForresTT has poured his soul into this EP, and the result is a stylish, intriguing and satisfying hit of escapism. Well worth a few streams this lockdown.

Download the album via iTunes. Find & follow Tony ForresTT on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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