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TonAsh How It Go


Multiple Elevation Awards nominee TonAsh aims creatively high with this fresh and memorable approach to hip hop. The soundscape is the first thing to grab you, for sure – that chaotically colourful wash of synths and riffs is as warm as it is unusual and striking. On top of this, the artist’s leading voice fuses melody and rap in a flawlessly rhythmic manner, creating a perfectly alternative rap anthem that pours through as smoothly as RnB.

The stylish and confident performance that drives this track – on top of the crisp and manically fresh beat – is one that shines all the more brightly when accompanied by the official video. TonAsh performs with a natural passion for the art-form, and you can see that as well as hear it in the professionalism on this release. How It Go seems fit to settle into the current hip hop landscape for certain qualities and the overall concept and rhythm, but at the same time you get a decent image of the artist as he starts to pave his own way.

The main thing you’ll take away from the track, after the haunting repeat of that backing riff, is the simple melody and delivery of that hook. The music falls away to present this moment, and TonAsh’s delivery makes certain that when the drop hits you’re swept away on the energy of the moment; and that it’s easy to get involved, to get on-board with these words and this chorus. It makes for a fitting hook, effective as audio but all the more likely to also draw a crowd’s interest at a live show.

TonAsh’s last hit Remix amassed thousands of plays online in just the last six months, and was as colourful and loaded with personality and flow as this new single. The sky’s the limit right now, and thanks to a fine fusion of creative flair and professionalism, TonAsh is likely to continue making waves within the scene.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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