Tommy Hart - HEARTLESS MIX VOL. I - Stereo Stickman



Skillfully fusing the best of the world’s high energy, work-out-ready tracks and releases, amidst a collected soundscape that perfectly well integrates every progression and change in direction, Brooklyn’s Tommy Hart has crafted a fifty-minute-plus playlist that’s ready and waiting to crank up the volume of your day.

Kicking into gear with the unforgettable anthem that is MGK’s Wild Boy, the playlist grabs attention from the offset and continues to win you over with each new beat that emerges. Throwing in hints of EDM and trap as much as classic hip hop and even the occasional moment of delicacy for contrast, Heartless Mix Vol. 1 showcases a producer and DJ with a fine ability to select and bring together an array of unexpected yet hard-hitting and energizing tracks.

As a producer, Hart seems to lead with a love for music above all else – nothing within appears as designed purely to shock or to stand out. Plenty of it does do both, but the music – the choices, the transitions, the evolution of the whole set – this is what ultimately drives things along.

Tommy Hart has taken the hassle out of choosing the right tracks to get your heart pounding – the club, the gym, the run, the race – and in the same instance, he’s created a decidedly timeless go-to that’s well worth reminding yourself of whenever things get a little too quiet or dreary. I look forward to Vol. 2.

Find & follow Tommy Hart on Twitter & Instagram. Cover art by New Jersey’s Robert Reda.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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