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Tom Charchuk Read Your Letter


Tom Charchuk’s recent single Read Your Letter presents listeners with a very authentic and raw sounding rock and blues kind of sound. There’s an organic sort of atmosphere to the recording; it comes across as a live performance, a one take expression of feeling and musicality, giving it this air of freshness that makes you really want to listen and focus in on those riffs and melodies.

The song is well structured and has the kick and bounce of any great rock and roll track, but what’s more is that it expresses this sentiment in an almost acoustic sort of way, which is great to listen to. You can hear it being performed at a live show, perhaps even as a solo singer and guitar sort of gig, but then alongside this you get those inspired guitar solos filling out the space around the track and really making it shine all the more brightly.

In terms of song writing, Tom has written something that is hugely accessible to any number of listeners, whilst at the same time addressing something that appears to be a third person story about a fairly personal issue. It’s a clever way to write, the storytelling element has been mastered, then you get that unforgettable hook section – followed by the already mentioned stylish guitar solo, each and every time – all in all the song stays with you after just one listen.

There’s a definite realness to the songwriting style, and the performance for that matter, and this is where that ‘authentic’ feeling comes from. There’s an honesty behind the music, there’s a touch of humanity behind the art, and that’s something many people will respond to  – particularly, one can imagine, at a live show. The great sound of real acoustic rock and blues is likely to light up any weekend with this kind of presentation.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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