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Tolani The Afrobeat Sessions (with The Afro-Renaissance Art Ensemble)


Five original tracks, designed for and dedicated to representing afrobeat and offering audiences the feel-good, raw energy of organic good vibes, Tolani’s brand new EP is a summertime must.

The Afrobeat Sessions is everything the title promises and then some. Colourful rhythms meet with a subtly uplifting series of progressions, and a choir of vocals that work in unison to melodically hypnotise.

Rather than overbear listeners with the brightness and excessive bounce often found elsewhere in afrobeat and dancehall, there’s a modest level of realness throughout this project – even the songwriting touches on inspiring topics, as well as meandering through simple, poetic observations that quickly suit the mood of the music.

From likeable riffs to engaging rhythms, horn sections and hand drums, through catchy melodies, soulful deliveries, and confident raps, this short playlist presents a refreshing alternative to the mainstream releases of late. It creates a sense of summertime freedom that most of us are likely to be craving right about now.

Download the EP via iTunes. Find & follow Tolani on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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