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Todd Underwood Reflectings Acustico


I’ve traveled the world in search of a song that will bring me back to you…

* * *

Beautifully in keeping with the implications of its title, Reflectings Acustico is a gorgeously pure, intimate and genuine collection of originals from the talented and heartfelt songwriter Todd Underwood. Beginning with the softly entrancing melodies of Back To You, the acoustic guitar sound is blissfully crisp, the vocal incredibly well-captured, allowing the natural strength and loving nature of the song to shine brightly.

This is the mood presented by the entire album, a series of moments that are beautifully expressive, calming, and quickly indicative of an artist worth experiencing in the live setting. There’s nothing to hide behind here, no over-use of effects or production details, this is just the artist and his music, as authentic as can be.

I Forgot to Worry balances a thoughtful yet ultimately soothing concept with an equally soothing arrangement and performance. Gorgeous guitar work, softly captivating vocal layers, interesting lyrics that touch on personal difficulty but resolve it with optimism and a positive outlook.

Refusing to let the simple set-up grow tiresome, Todd Underwood makes sure to throw in plenty of dynamic and eclecticism in subtle but engaging ways. You Mean Everything to Me brings through an Americana vibe, a quickly memorable folk-soaked melodic progression, complete with strings and unique guitar work and rhythm. Wishing You The Best follows with simplicity and stunning finger picking. The layers fall away for an all the more bare, personal delivery leading up towards the brightness of the hook. A definite highlight, powerfully performed but again with subtle, humble strength and a natural progression.

Raindrop Falling is another highlight and a personal favourite. Lower, grittier vocals and near-melancholic yet not, stylish and alternative guitar playing, a mighty poetic backbone. One Lovely Day then leans towards the likes of Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz with its acoustic rhythm. Vocally there’s a heightened sense of passion though, and lyrically there’s a definite level of distance.

During the latter half, highlights include the stunning and deeply emotive Drift Away, a quickly immersive soundscape and a nearly whispered opening vocal that quietly lures you in with something’s gone wrong. The song adds something special to the album, a moment of real vulnerability and quiet.

The Moment follows and is easily another memorable song with mainstream strength and a certain level of nostalgia. Gorgeous harmonies create a vibe that falls between the classic boy-band sound and something a little more Imogen Heap-like – these doubled vocals add a mildly electronic tone.

Towards the end, Where I Sail From offers further insight and a passionate emotional peak vocally and lyrically. Then Reflectings sees things to a musically impressive finish, a dreamlike soundscape, led by compelling finger-picking on the guitar. The vocals have a breathy, warming feel to them, and the lyrics dive into nostalgia, memories, in a manner soaked in imagery and detail that paints a clear, welcoming series of scenes before you.

A beautiful album from Todd Underwood, one that sees him further explore a more unplugged, authentic and personal avenue with his music – a style that suits his voice and songwriting superbly well. Enjoy.

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