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Tnko Rose / Get Your Act Up


Creative production blends meandering synths with heavy bass and a carefree vocal outpouring, as Victorville’s Tnko keeps things light-hearted and fresh, for Rose.

Introducing a freestyle manner of crafting bars, ‘don’t mind me, I’m just wasting time… I’m just in my mind‘, the single showcases a cleanly-mixed vocal style alongside retro gamer synths, for a notably recognisable identity within the current hip hop scene.

Elsewhere versatility proves a clear strength. For Get Your Act Up, the 21-year old rapper adopts a more reflective, emotive style. With just one minute, nineteen seconds of music, the track delivers a thoughtful, mellow alternative aura, and on top of this Tnko’s own vocal drive notably shifts gears. Higher-octane, still freestyle-esque or uninhibited by any single flow, the voice falls in with energy and passion.

Then for Type That, a fuller soundscape emerges but again maintains those Tnko threads of retro color and freely-flowing bars. We also get a memorable hook, dashes of melody, and a generally anthemic vibe that’s quick to leave its mark. Always the voice holds true to the character behind it – a quality hopefully recognisable from one project to the next.

Wrapping things up is the equally brief yet dreamy and dance-ready Vibe. Intense audio panning starts things off with atmospheric intentions, before a decidedly anthem-ready, rhythmic set of bars rain down for what becomes easily the most engaging and energising release yet.

Auto-tune turns towards the contemporary scene more than previously, but ultimately it suits the fullness and melody of the track. The result is everything the title promises, and as such, Vibe is a defiant highlight from the swiftly expanding Tnko repertoire.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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