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Tinok and Sprock are S&W Diamondback: New New Wave Remix


Legends of the scene Tinok and Sprock recapture the essence of the eighties, with their anthemic fusion of stadium rock and EDM.

The Canadian duo aim high and hit the mark for their latest single, blending soulful solos, addictive grooves, retro synths and distortion throughout an increasingly uplifting four-minute arrangement.

Bringing through an initially nostalgic rhythm and production backbone, Diamondback proceeds to weave in raspy vocals of passion and presence, along with a revealing story of connection and romantic desire.

Suddenly we’re rising up between the catchy resolve of the hook, the euphoric and colourful soundscape, and the sheer gritty energy of that big-band rock vibe.

Undoubtedly a track that invites interest in the live show, Diamondback also works hard to present an audio venture in and of itself – the kind of finely crafted classic that allows listeners to really delve into the moment at volume.

Somewhat cleverly aligned with the current sci-fi and eighties musical trends but with an undoubtedly recognizable, authentic and skillful twist of character, Tinok and Sprock raise the roof with this summer hit – easily worth a few spins to kick off the weekend.

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Rebecca Cullen

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