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TimBdagod Bars No Lyrics


TimBdagod brings a little bit of classic hip-hop and drives it high and bright with his own unique vocal rhythm and style. His musical backdrop provides listeners with the hypnotic good vibes that strong and creative production offers, yet his vocal performance and lyricism on top of this adds something that put his personal stamp on all that he writes and releases.

Bars No Lyrics has an instantly notable hook about it; the key line, and the rhythm with which it’s delivered, hit hard and sink in straight away. As the track progresses, the music keeps you in a good place, the beat and instrumentation are fairly thick and varied, so there’s always something to fill any silent moments – it makes for a great bit of sound to sit back and relax to. Stir in a little of the artist’s character and expression and the track makes for something both nostalgic, in a comforting, enjoyable way, and fresh.

The vocal effect used on the track and the way that it’s been mixed in has a fairly unusual sound to it. The presentation is, as mentioned, generally quite classic, but there’s also a lot about it that is different, and this makes it even easier to pin point that TimBdagod sound. The artist’s voice has a mellow and smooth sort of tone, and the rhythm of his performance means that each line and each lyric really strikes with a good amount of power. You notice the lines, you notice the words, and you pick up on the vibe and the feeling behind the performance.

The unusual vocal effect means that the sound is not massively focused in on the lyrics, the whole soundscape of the track plays as a complete unit, and this actually works well for such an upbeat yet simultaneously easy going bit of hip-hop and r&b. There’s a particular energy about the track that fans will come to recognise as true to TimBdagod’s style. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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