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Tim Cheesebrow You Will Never Walk Alone


Tim Cheesebrow’s single You Will Never Walk Alone is so well crafted and warmly produced that I almost forgot to review it the first time around. The music fills the room like a live country-rock song should. The energy is hopeful and uplifting, though everything has a subtlety and smoothness so it just plays out like any professionally captured musical moment. The instrumentation fuses a little of the organic folk world with a slightly more slick and stylish flicker of rock. Structurally this works well, everything at once brings vibrancy and colour, then for the verse sections the space created by the acoustic sound and the leading artist’s voice leads effectively up towards the hook.

The rhythm of the song is great, those acoustic guitar moments really showcase a lightly funk-inspired edge, also laying bare the fact that this song would work in a live setting as both a full band gig and simply a solo acoustic offering. The melody and the poetry of the lines, the imagery presented, sinks in pretty quickly. The shortness of the lines helps out in this respect, you remember certain snippets after listening just once, and then with each return to the song you pick up on more and more.

The underlying sentiment of the song is beautiful, valuable and important. The song has depth and is reflective in an honest and emotionally human sort of way. That meeting of the professional side of music making and the open, authentic side of being an artist has been really well captured. Tim Cheesebrow has written a great song and it’s highly likely that the rest of the Somebody, Somewhere album will follow suit.

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