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The artist tiiiger, Mikey Dorje, crafted and released this project within just a few short weeks. It represents quite well, in this state, the sudden emotional and external alterations that took place during a personal relocation. These bursts of energy come through as partly calm and peaceful, partly chaotic and excitable – all the ups and downs we go through during times of great change.

space is the opener and carefully takes its time to underline all of this and more. The track lifts you up and takes you on a journey, the details are cleverly gathered and displayed, the multiple layers of audio grow to be incredibly immersive. More than this though, you start to form an understanding as to quite how unique tiiiger’s approach to composition and music production is. Something that rings more and more true as the EP progresses.

clarity is a track that takes the experimental edge to even further depths. This piece is emotionally loaded again, fusing elements of organic musicality with those that are more retro-electronica or synth-wave. It feels hopeful and quite heavy at the same time, natural but industrial, constantly presenting a strangely soothing meeting of unexpected opposites. The final moments utilise space and a few distinct sounds to re-capture your attention and re-focus your wandering mind. There’s a striking delicacy here thanks to that contrast with what came before.

home emerges as a notably raw recording, almost like a living-room country and folk jam, loosely recorded in the moment. This quickly evolves to be something much more other-wordly electronica than anything traditional, but still those familiar introductory elements flicker in and out of the mix. This track marks an important moment in the development of the whole project. It showcases a real level of skill and creativity that isn’t often stumbled upon in instrumental music. There’s a blissful sense of comfort about it, in keeping with the title concept, and this makes it quite addictive and wonderful to have play for you. As the energy rises in the soundscape, so does yours – the motivational aspects of the ambiance are strong.

As a side note, three of the tracks on this EP play out at precisely four minutes and thirteen seconds – an unusual coincidence if not an intentional undertone. Perhaps there’s nothing in it, but there are a few flags throughout the project that make you wonder about the potentially endless level of connections running between the tracks.

Changing the mood quite intensely is a piece called love – another single-word title marks the start of a new scene. There’s organic gentleness once more, the piano and the guitar float out among a reverb-soaked atmosphere. The riff feels as if it knows where it will go, but its journey is cut short at the end of each phrase – the melody tells a captivating story, simple but brilliant, and the emotion that pours through is mesmerising. Contrast works its magic again, but really – this song would work wonders if it popped up within just about any playlist. A beautifully minimalist dream.

The final track on this EP is perhaps the most rhythmically compelling, it brings dashes of both the familiar and the absolute unknown – holding close to your interest and affection in equal parts. movement is precisely what its name promises – you feel as if the soundscape sweeps you off your feet, shoots you through the sky at high speeds, while the sounds of the world all gloriously combine in an impossibly smooth, hypnotic manner. The way tiiiger has managed to fuse so many different building blocks into something that flows so naturally is superb. A creative at his best, carefree yet professional to the very end – making this a totally original journey that is more than worth the time it takes to listen in full.

Download the EP for FREE via Bandcamp. Find & follow Mikey Dorje’s band Loopzy Dazy on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram. Visit his Website here.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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