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Thunderbolt & Lightfoot Let’s Be Friends


The simplistic beauty of effective, heartfelt songwriting is the very heart of this recent release from Michigan based Thunderbolt & Lightfoot. As you listen, there’s only the purity of the acoustic guitar picking, and the sensational pairing of the two artist’s voices, presenting what is a gorgeously structured and incredibly thoughtful piece of songwriting.

The song is three minutes and eighteen seconds long, a fairly standard length for radio worthy music, however, it’s the sort that feels as if it could go on and on – weaving around you as this melody rolls up and down, surrounding you with both space and subtle comfort. The intimacy of it is captivating, something about it feels deeply personal, almost as if you’re witnessing a private conversation or form of expression. It’s impossible not to listen, and at the same time as seeming genuinely emotional and honest, the song is hugely accessible to pretty much all audiences. The concept is one that many can relate to, the end of something can seem far too daunting, and so to compromise is a last breath of hope.

The way the lines of this song have been structured makes for an incredibly poignant array of poetry. Again, that space surrounding the ideas leaves plenty of room for listeners to settle into, to feel involved or affected by the music, to reflect and relate it to their own journey. The melody unfolds beautifully, and as stated, it’s the sort that could go on for much longer, continuing to woo you as you ponder the world and your choices within it. Thunderbolt & Lightfoot are a talented and compelling songwriting duo who offer a stunning set of vocal harmonies and a some immensely real, very human ideas.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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