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Through Infinity The Sight Of An Eagle


Through Infinity aim high and mighty with this latest single and video release. The Sight Of An Eagle is a beautiful and powerful song, you can feel this from the opening moments – even during the delicacy, there’s an air of something epic on the horizon, and all of the layers build up towards it in a captivating way.

To begin with, the opening piano part – and indeed the one that sees things through to the end – is a quickly recognizable and hypnotic, solo performance in itself. Then you get the flute, a sound unique to this band right now, and in general the soundscape begins to emerge as this striking and peaceful instrumental ambiance that fills the room in a skillful, expressive way. There’s enough to like about all of this even before the vocals come into view, but when they do – the song evolves further to become something even more immersive and memorable.

There’s a rock ballad feel to the song, the verses drive with short, poetic lines – a deep and emotional vocal tone quietly presents these moments. Then you get the drop to the hook section, this huge moment of togetherness – all the voices, a full wall of instrumentation. In addition, the concept really hits home at this point – the song’s central, poetic observation ignites with increased power among this effective musical set-up.

To coincide with the single, the accompanying video offers some breath-taking visuals – furthering the slight medieval twang that comes with the band’s music, but mostly reinforcing the central sentiments of the song itself. You also get to witness the band performing, which increases their passionate presence and again underlines their connection to what they offer. All in all, this is a huge effort from Through Infinity, crossing borders between genres but always driving with heart and thoughtful songwriting. There are more than a few stand out riffs and moments within the piece to keep listeners coming back for more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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