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Through Infinity’s album The Life is a totally unique project. Compiled of 11 instrumental tracks, written across an eight year time-frame, the collection pours out around you like some mildly psychedelic, colourful and immersive waterfall – so much so that I found myself lost within the playlist, unsure where each track started and ended, or where the music stopped and I began.

Through the first three compositions, Try To Find The HopeSight Of An Eagle, and Freedom, this brief use of language introduces the experience really well. You find yourself soaked in the search, the journey through deep thought to optimism and hopefulness. The images your mind conjures up will be unique to each listener, and that’s where this becomes something magical. The music is so well crafted, that despite the personal artistry – the emotional depths from which the sound first came – we all can make it our own, take from it our own interpretations and feelings. That’s music at its most powerful.

Speaking stylistically, the sound on the whole has something of a jazz-rock vibe. Impressive guitar solos lead the way melodically, whereas an ocean of other instruments provide the detailed backdrop upon which these meandering tunes can truly express themselves. Freedom sees the energy and intensity rising pretty consistently, to the point that it all calms down very suddenly after reaching a fairly epic peak.

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Things take a turn for the slightly darker or more reflective as Life begins to play. When there’s a moment of space like this, you try to reconnect with that eight-year journey that led to these compositions. When the track itself fires into life, the vibrancy is infectious – the rhythm and positivity is glowing. Diamonds Rendition of the same title takes the form of a piano-led piece that lingers more in the lane of melancholy and reflection once again. It fits well at this point in the playlist. The bare essentials do all the work, creatively, which is emotional to witness.

Aural Spectrum ventures further down the pathway of deep thought and other-worldly ambiances. Eliza follows and cleverly redirects you once again – a somewhat folk-feel comes through, delicacy wanders alongside of a driving bass-line and a smooth electric guitar part. The musical story-line that emerges is powerful, stunning even – a personal favourite. Again, really well placed; the arrangement of this whole playlist works gorgeously.

Our Feelings is bright, energetic yet with flickers of melancholy or isolated thoughtfulness. The journey throughout this track alone seems complex and perfectly in keeping with the wide-ranging concept that is our feelings. Shine brings back the weight and intensity of progressive rock – spiraling riffs and a drum-line that gradually rises to chaotic levels create a downpour of eclectic, mesmerising audio. Then the retro darkness returns for Godly Energy, a manic and hypnotic piece that would feel right at home as the backdrop to some heavy sci-fi scene.

Holy Streams finishes things up with lightness, a tribal sort of delicacy – organic and peaceful. A lot of the titles on this project lead you back to either the natural world or feelings of a higher power. The ideas seem to linger when you listen, regardless of where your own mind wants to take you. This final track closes the experience down in a calming, refreshing manner. The instrumentation seems new once again, adding to the eclecticism, taking the opportunity even more so to build something unique and consistently interesting. This is definitely one of kind right now and very easy to have playing as the ambiance to your day.

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