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Through Infinity Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)


Not too long ago we published a run-through of the wonderful album The Lifeby Through Infinity. There were a number of things that made the project special, perhaps the best way to summarise though is to state just how unique this approach Through Infinity have to making music really is.

Pushing in favour of that idea even further is this latest release, a re-working of the track Eliza, from the album – one I wrote of as a personal favourite. In this case, the band have welcomed a vocalist – an incredible singer, by all accounts, to redirect the experience or give it more of a definitive concept and feel. As a result, the song does seem like something completely new, something I haven’t heard before, but that is equally beautiful and in fact notably more passionate and provocative with the addition of a human voice.

Only Time Will Tell combines instrumental smoothness and delicacy with the weight and intensity of human emotion. The performance and the melody work hard to wrap the song’s sentiments around you. The lyrics are fairly minimal, perhaps poetic and vague rather than specific and detailed – a simple way to reach a wider audience; it’s accessible, it means whatever you want it to mean. At its core, the song represents the absolute impact of love, in whatever form that takes. It feels like a dedicative moment of loyalty, of deep considerations on life, a deep longing to express how much someone means. Poetic is an important word, it’s this and the gentle beauty of the leading vocal performance that really give the song that fresh sense of power and evolution.

It feels like a totally natural progression for the band to take their music in this direction. The singer is fantastic, bringing the thick, powerful vocals of classic rock to a gentle and emotional soundscape. It works perfectly, in my opinion, and the song has an incredibly memorable hook now – that key line repeats towards the end in a hypnotic and easy recognisable manner. Well worth a few listens with the volume right up.

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Rebecca Cullen

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