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Three Words Pen and Paper


Three Words is a a hip-hop artist from Germany with an array of mix-tapes and features to her name, and a sound that falls, by description; somewhere between the depth and warmth of old school hip-hop, and the sharp focus and balance of modern productions.

The Pen and Paper mix-tape has a big sound to it. This is in the musicality of the tracks – the big band back drop, the thick drum lines, the varying synths and melodies – and also in the explicit level of passion and energy put forth through the lyrics and the performances. The collection is as eclectic as mix-tapes come, ranging from the mellow and emotional, to the big, bold and bright, and all the while, without exception, expressing an honesty and depth that is true to the heart of real hip-hop.

Messed Up is a highlight – a smooth yet strong, jazz-infused piano line, a calm and very honest expression of feelings and experiences, and an easy going and instantly memorable hook section. Following this, Growing Pains picks up the pace a little – a stream of lyrics pour out and the beat has a quickness to it, though still light in nature and always easy to listen to, and once again, a simple yet effective hook.

The mix-tape features a number of additional artists that add to the eclectic ocean of sound. The production throughout the project is flawless, the instrumental range is immense yet every sound and every moment shines with perfect relevance. The vocal performances too are always appropriate to the emotion and mood of the music surrounding them.

The whole project is loaded with laid back vibes and creative, stylish music, and at no point does the content lack meaning or realness. The heart of real hip-hop is honesty, the beats in place set the vibe, then all that’s needed is the willingness to be open and to be true to oneself when performing – and this is something Three Words consistently adheres to. The sense of character remains strong throughout, and the project in its entirety allows listeners to get a real insight into the life of the artist, and once involved, there’s plenty to appreciate and relate to.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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