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Thousand Times Timeless (Feat. Jessika Shaunnelle)


Timeless is the multi-layered new soul-pop single from producer Thousand Times and singer-songwriter Jessika Shaunnelle. The track is the first in a series of releases from the duo, a collaboration that has resulted in a uniquely atmospheric and characterful debut single, and which holds a lot of potential for the future.

Timeless is a fairly complex song in terms of the ambiance, the effects, the details. However, to listen to it is to find your mind either wandering freely among the chaotic and colourful soundscape, or following the leading vocal melody along with excessive closeness – the latter simplifies things a little, makes it feel more accessible in some ways, but both elements in unison make it work on a new level. The song is all at once delicate and striking, allowing you to escape into the music and the moment if you choose to, or redirecting your thoughts entirely as you witness this soulfully prominent voice delivering these unexpected lyrics that paint a picture loaded with personality.

In today’s ever growing world of music, there has to be something about your sound that connects or stands out – particularly for it to reach over half a million listeners, as this single has done, over on Soundcloud. What you get with this release is a softly dreamlike aura alongside of a strong and captivating leading vocalist – with the latter comes a string of interesting, intriguing lyrics that attempt to tell a unique and undoubtedly very honest story. All in all it just seems to work, it’s different in a fitting and quite clever way. There’s a brief interlude of sorts towards the latter half of the song, where the intensity and volume falls away, and the lyrics and the leading voice seem gentler – more emotional and reflective. It works well and makes certain the return to high passion that follows hits with impact.

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