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Thousand Times Timeless (Feat. Jessika Shaunnelle) [Official Video]


Last month we put together a review for the new song from Thousand Times & Jessika Shaunnelle, entitled Timeless. Today, we follow up with an interpretation of the accompanying visual – a brilliant new addition to the release, which you can check out below.

There’s something immediately captivating about this video, the simplicity of it in no way affects the strength – on the contrary, this single-scene style of film draws your focus to (and keeps it on) the central character; a part played so authentically that every emotion and every idea is expressed with the entire body – as opposed to merely by the lyrics.

The artist featured in the video offers plenty in the way of realness, and also in the way of individuality. The whole concept of an ‘artist’ generally incorporates more elements than that which is audible – it’s everything you appear to be, everything you put forth, everything you express. This video effectively changes the way you hear the song, because you’re seeing it performed right there in the moment, and the space created by the medium lets each idea resonate a little more intensely.

The black and white effect on the video adds a subtle change in mood that really works in favour of the song’s emotion. It feels like a vintage piece of performance, a moment captured at the height of artistry. The performance is subsequently captivating because every line is accompanied by a movement and a particular facial expression that showcases the mind working to relay these ideas. Every detail, however minimal it may seem, plays a part in the final set-up. The more times you watch, the more you notice – even down to the placement of the microphones, the various camera angles, the switch to colour, the slow motion shots, the kit laid out at the start; everything has a purpose when it comes to abstract artistry.

As a partner for the song, this is powerful, and furthermore – it’s notably unlike a lot of modern day videos you tend to stumble upon. Humans are interesting, and unique, and we shouldn’t hide that behind overly polished versions of reality. Realness is ultimately so valuable, as is art that embraces it.

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