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This Heart I Surrender manage to impress on a number of levels with their latest two-piece release. Beginning with the song Your Love, the band introduce themselves as dedicated, creative, and professional – the track fuses the best of the rock and rap genres stylistically, and all the while it holds close to a genuine and heartfelt sentiment that pours through at every step.

Your Love is a uniquely unusual song, feeling pop-punk inspired during the verses, yet always showcasing a partly electronic ambiance in the distance. The melodic vocals are beautiful, perfectly nostalgic and honest seeming as they present this melody and this story-line. To contrast with that familiarity though is the rap vocal, something that adds unexpected dynamic and subsequently helps the track maintain a sense of uninhibited freshness.

The build-up and the way the music and the vocals vary as the story progresses presents a genuinely addictive aura. The quiet moments lead with powerful anticipation towards those that hit with greater impact. A pleasure to have play at volume.

Also included in the release is a song called Can’t Go Back. This one immediately drives with a higher energy level and some quickly impressive guitar work. Once the intro has crashed onto the scene though, contrast is well-utilized yet again – the weight falls away to briefly let that now-familiar pop-punk vocal present a new concept and melody. There’s a stronger rock feel to this one, nostalgia runs wild yet still these electronic fragments glisten among the soundscape.

Somehow the band manage to feel comforting and completely new all at once. You get a sense that a longer project would be brilliantly eclectic yet still would hold close to those emotional, authentic threads of character and heart. Both tracks are superbly performed, written with care, and produced to a quality that allows you to really turn up the speakers and let go of the world for a while. I look forward to hearing more.

Grab the EP via CDBaby. Find & follow This Heart I Surrender on YouTubeTwitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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