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THIRDLEAD Lost Forever


Reverb-kissed arena rock at a mellow, almost acoustic level, brings a sense of nostalgia for the stripped-back soft-rock offerings of the nineties – THIRDLEAD recreate the emotional embrace of a simpler era, with Lost Forever.

Leading with a simple guitar sound and lightly-effected yet clearly evocative vocal, Lost Forever captivates for its humanity, melody and production in the first few moments, and proceeds to build around this a wholly immersive, passionate and powerful realm of escapism.

Initially falling somewhere between the likes of Sound Garden and the easier offerings of bands like Stone Sour, there’s a warmth to the arrangement and performance, but an alternative familiarity to the emo-pop structure of the writing – and indeed to the dynamic between two leading voices. Familiarity is ultimately contrasted by the originality and revelation of the song, inciting a sense of refreshing realism and musical euphoria that’s exciting to lose yourself within.

THIRDLEAD are a Christian Rock band from Benue State, Nigeria, an act perhaps flying the flag all the more highly for their unique breakthrough from the national scene. Lost Forever feels like a welcomed redirection for modern mainstream rock, and brings with it a worthy degree of poetic longing, self-reflection and depth, which seems more important than ever right now.

Weave in the guitar solo during the final fifth and we’re absolutely onto something special. I look forward to hearing more from THIRDLEAD in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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