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thekavalord I’m the Villain!


Storyteller and creative artist thekavalord grips listeners from the very beginning, with his extensive and cleanly-mixed new rap track I’m The Villain!

Dropping names as often as lyrical bombs, intertwining wordplay and personal anecdotes every step of the way, thekavalord masters his time on the mic with a fast-paced, relentless performance, and continues to push the story-telling realm for close to five minutes.

An extensive instrumental outro is a huge part of this artistic undertone, another creative trait that elevates the artist’s name thanks to his clear appreciation for both resolute bars and the art of music itself in lifting the mood.

Production-wise I’m The Villain offers a stop-start arrangement that naturally furthers the cinematic and performative edge of the writing and delivery. The result is a perfect unity between rapper and soundscape, highlighting a rhythmically infectious progression, as well as a few freestyle moments that meander unexpectedly.

Tipping its hat towards the hip hop legends of a simpler era, the fun and imagery, even the clean mixing of this track, all welcomes in a fresh twist of clarity and conscious craftwork that’s refreshing right about now.

I’m The Villain is a lyrically dense, substantial modern release, but it manages to ring loud with both independent prowess and anthemic qualities throughout that journey, and as such, thekavalord introduces his sound on a definite high.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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