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The Wyatt Act Hong


The Wyatt Act is a San Francisco based band who declare their sound to be SlamRock – street corner style poetry fused with transgressive rock. Hong is a song about smell. The lyrics tell you all about it via a brief yet detailed verse at around the center point of the song. The music has a creatively free and vibrant energy to it. There’s a fusion of the organic and the electronic it seems, but there’s also plenty of space within the walls of the song, really underlining that street corner feel and adding to the raw humanity and realness of the whole thing.

There’s so much character on this release and it comes through in every performance, especially in Guinevere Q’s lead vocals. The final few moments feature an all inclusive vocal explosion that I kind of wished had flickered onto the scene a little sooner, but then in hindsight, everything about this song is unpredictable and completely free from concern. Therefore, the effect on you as a listener is that you end up feeling a similar way, as is the crucial role of music for so many of us.

Rather than explicitly depending upon structure or a certain songwriting style, the performance feels like something of a freestyle on occasion, excusing that central outpouring of facts – though even this could pass as the outburst of a well informed extrovert. This again highlights the laid back energy of the band and their carefree yet joyful approach to creativity. It makes for something undoubtedly unique, and what really comes through when listening is that a live performance would likely be a hugely enjoyable and memorable experience. The band is doing their own thing entirely, and it works. Well worth checking out, particularly if you’re local.

The featured artwork was created by Jason Young Sun (drummer & band artist). Find & follow The Wyatt Act on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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