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The Vanities This Ain’t Love


Cardiff’s long-time legends of synth and songwriting follow up the success of their album with the official single release and remix for This Ain’t Love.

Releasing Valentine’s and prior to their upcoming support show for the one and only Tony Hadley, the new single further secures The Vanities‘ role in the reignition of a timeless yet nostalgic style.

Featuring soaring saxophone, drenched in reverb, and gospel-esque vocals for a quickly catchy, immersive and memorable introduction, the song soon utilises contrast, back and forth, to further the impact of these snappy, attractive moments of brightness.

Lyrically we get a fascinating deep dive into the ideas that make up the song. The hook is easy, a catchy repeat that’s naturally welcoming, and in between this we get the vocally recognisable lead with echoes of call and response as original details help elevate things in a refreshing way.

All at once an upfront, energising anthem of passionate anti-love, and a dance-floor-ready classic that begs for you to turn up the volume.

Whether heard from across the room or right up close to the speakers, This Ain’t Love offers the soulful embrace of a hit that naturally leaves its mood and melody lingering when all is said and done.

Also including the upbeat remix version for an extra kick of adrenaline, DJ JEAN JACQUES SMOOTHIE raises the roof in classic fashion, showcasing the best of his abilities after having remixed for a plethora of big names over the years.

Brilliant, and still just the start of their new chapter. Undoubtedly names worth knowing about this year.

Single out February 14th. Check out The Vanities on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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