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The Valium I Hate You


The Valium are a band whose infectious and addictive energy first grabbed our attention back in January of 2016. Since then it’s been a busy 18 months for the guys, but the result is the long awaited release of their album Amazing Breakdowns on the label XXXV. What an album it is, and what a single and video to kick things off in the best sort of way.

I Hate You has the iconic riffs and hook of any great indie anthem, plus that original chemistry we spotted within the band way back when is something that consistently rises to the top during their performances. The track makes no apologies and bursts into action at full speed, an energy that encapsulates all that is indie and free.

The riding, distorted bass line throughout the track is superb, the rhythm alongside offers the perfect mix of nostalgia and now, and Marco Sabino’s leading voice has the realness, emotion and grit to carry the words of the song in a believable and pretty unforgettable sort of way. The lasting riff that sees things through the outro lingers in your mind and reminds you of that hook for quite some time. The sound is refreshing after indie rock’s notable hiatus in recent years, doused in that very British touch of truth that draws you in from the start.

The band are back with a bang and the new album is unmissable for fans of genuine, creative, thoughtful indie rock and addictive guitar patterns. The accompanying video for I Hate You follows the story line of a contemporary, longtime-disillusioned and flipped out Cinderella who is foolishly resentful of her ex husband. It’s a compelling visual journey that again reinforces that realness and grit that The Valium so effectively and stylishly encapsulate within their songs.

The brand new album Amazing Breakdowns is officially out today, June 22nd. Listen on Spotify or download it via the band’s Website. Find & follow The Valium on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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