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Born out of live shows in the streets and subways of Munich, The Train Rockers bring a clear edge of experience and passion back to indie and pop-rock. Their new single Black Sheep speaks volumes on behalf of that approach.

Blending subtle switches in groove and fearlessly stripped-back instances between bigger rock moments of impact, Black Sheep showcases a band of storytellers at its core, united in the rhythm and soul of performance and poetic expression.

Building up beautifully, Black Sheep progresses from creatively unique verses to an ultimately simple, striking and catchy hook resolve. The two-chord stomp and accordion touches of the verse adds nostalgia, a kind of nineties folk and pop-rock essence that suits the unmistakable rasp and character of the band’s leading vocalist. Then as the chorus hits, the energy rises, sweeping the listener away with it, and the central concept of this Black Sheep feels suddenly like far more of a celebration and ode to oneness rather than anything melancholy.

Interesting songwriting is a key strength of The Train Rockers – their musicality knows no bounds, but their identity as artists, and the stories they tell, the togetherness they incite, helps elevate that crucial ability to limitless plains.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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