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The Tahoes Breakout


The Tahoes are a band that bring an instant energy to inspire joy and ambition in even the coldest moments. Breakout is a wonderful track for many reasons, not least of all the immediate fusion of nostalgia and originality that bounces through the air as you press play.

The track offers audiences a massively organic presentation of the best and most meaningful parts of ska. The horn sections come into play, the rhythm has a primal and ultimately very free sound, the leading vocal has something notably real and likable about it, all from the offset, and furthermore – there’s plenty of space within the track to really appreciate the reality of the situation.

The band are musicians, first and foremost – the track has been crafted with thought, with great energy, and with passion. The instrumentation consistently reflects this, everything is perfectly aligned; the chemistry is clear. Also that voice, the provider of these thought provoking lyrics and ideas about existence and what it is to be alive in today’s world, it all drives the music into your head-space in the best and most invigorating manner.

Often the greatest thing about music, when it’s at its most effective, is that you can press play and let it wash away your troubles, or you can take the same song on some other, opposing day, and use it to really make you think with more depth and direction. The good vibes are in full force, and this is something well worth downloading in itself, but in addition – once you really get involved – there’s plenty here to consider and to familiarise yourself with and to appreciate.

It’s hugely refreshing to hear a whole new take on the essence of reggae and ska from a band with plenty of skill, both musically and in their songwriting, and with plenty of character. Hopefully there’s a whole lot more to come from The Tahoes. A live show is a must this summer if you’re lucky enough live nearby.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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