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The Surgery Twin Peaks


Ongoing surgical bass music operations have led producer duo The Surgery to this – a reworking of Laura’s Theme from Twin Peaks. Professionalism is essential these days but many seem to forget that creativity is too. Enter The Surgery. This track offers close to six minutes of beautiful chaos – an audio soundscape that cascades around you, taking its time to build momentum but holding close to your attention all the while.

The great thing about a track like this is that it pays tribute to an idea or creative gesture that worked well a while back, and it reinvents it in some fresh, respectful yet new and exciting way. Whether you know the original sound or not, this feels like the work of experienced producers and artists – there’s everything you might hope for in EDM escapism, but there’s also plenty that’s atmospheric; masses of detail, finely crafted layers and intricacies that make the journey all the more captivating.

Things start off slowly, building up around you and enveloping you in the rising intensity. Then when the beat drops, certain fragments of familiarity loop out, not in an overbearing manner but in a totally accessible, energizing one. Where in the beginning this feels like a cinematic composition, in the end it’s far more of your go-to banger as the winter rave season kicks in.

Jonny and Ali each bring their own perspective and experience to the stage here, so essentially you get something that quite clearly sounds twice as impressive and immersive as your average electronic release of late. The beat in particular is incredibly characterful, easy to recognise after hearing it even just once. That vocal snippet too, in line with the synths – it all makes for a strangely hypnotic, addictive few minutes of uplifting, explosive audio. The final build-up and drop into chaos is brilliant – making it seem as if you’ve moved from the sunrise to the absolute dead of the night, all within a mere few minutes. Well worth a listen at volume.

Download the track via Bandcamp. Find & follow The Surgery on Facebook or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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